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We have invented a line of skill-trainers to make the process of studying easier and more cheerful. They are: “Teaching Pen” (for teaching children to write, for reducing weariness during writing), “Teaching Spoon” (for teaching children to grip a spoon properly), and “Teaching Chopsticks” (for teaching children and adults how to use chopsticks). These devices help to acquire skills in 1-2 weeks, and after that your child will be able to use pen, spoon or Chinese chopsticks without skill-trainers.

We have also invented “Computer Bracelet” that protects your carpal during the work on a keyboard and with a mouse, and prevents the development of “carpal tunnel syndrome” caused by pressing of nerve fibers of carpal knuckle.

Our latest development is “Fantaser” – universal construction toy that develops abstract thinking, thin motility of fingers and stimulates intellectual development. While playing, your child takes pleasure, learns to create and acquires useful skills that will help to reach success in school.

All devices will be useful for children injured by cerebral palsy or for people rehabilitated after the insult. “Teaching Chopsticks” is especially useful for development of thin motility of fingers.

If we really love our children and care of their success we have to actively use the effective methods of education.

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